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Concertos on Percussion

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The Concerto is one of the forms of classical music that were established relatively early in Italy. The word comes from the Latin to strive, which encapsulates the concept of rival forces working against each other, whilst combining to deliver a more complex and elaborate whole. The conversation between solo or lead instrumentals and the rest of the orchestra have fascinated composers, musicians and audiences alike ever since. For a fuller technical exposition you might try the Wikipedia Concertos page.

Original Arrangements of Concerto's on Percussion Instruments:

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JS Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No 2:3 in F Major BWV 1047 3:23min Free 2 Download
JS Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No 3:1 in G Major BWV 1048 5:46min Donationware
JS Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No 4:1 in G Major BWV1049 8:05min Enjoyable?
JS Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No 6:3 in B flat Major BWV1051 5:23min Fun?


3:54min Donate?
10:40min Free 2 Download
Antonio Vivaldi's Violin Concerto FL 172 in
A min (Allegretto)
2:42min Want More?

We had not expected to be able to make percussion arrangements of the's works until we discovered that the Steel Drums were able to take on rhythmic string parts and show them off to good effect. Where possible we have used the Marimba to take on the lead. In the case of the Weber Clarinet concerto we doubled that with a Xylophone. In some instances Vibes were used to take the parts of the rest of the orchestra such as JS Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No 4. In the case of the Mendelssohn piano transcription the Mega Moog synthesizer provided depth in the bass and heightened the drama.