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Welcome to our MP3 Download Donationware Collection of 500 Original Classical and Ragtime Recordings.
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 Tips for downloading our MP3 Recordings


We retain the copyright for any public performance or commercial use of our recordings and the details are spelt out in our Commercial Page. But you can download them free of charge for your unrestricted personal use.


If you like the recordings  please make a donation to Rotary International's End Polio Now Fund.

Downloading Tips

This should be very simple but we provide some sugggestions if you hit any problems.

MP3 Players

We provide some tips on using our MP3 recordings on iTunes and hence iPod, iPhone and iPad.
Donationware How it works


Our MP3 files are set up with links for you to click and download. But depending on your

settings some browsers will take the file and play it and it may not be obvious if or where

it is stored for future plays. Each Browser varies so we will look at each of the four main

ones depending whther you start with Left Click or Right click on your Browser.

Right Click Browsers:

Internet Explorer

This is the most commonly used browser on our site and on IE 9 if you click the right button

over the Free Download link you can select Save Target to save the file in your Downloads

Folder. If you have a Media Player installed in your browser you may have to go into your

Tools : Manage Addons to disable it before this feature will work.


On Safari if you Right Click over the Free Download link you will be offered the Download

Linked File option and if you select the Save option it will be stored in the Downloads folder

which you can access from the Settings pull down menu.

Left Click Browsers:


With Firefox the default option is for Left Click on the mouse to download the file into the Download Folder which can be found at the

top of the Tools menu. You may also find that the media player that you have set up for MP3s will start playing it.


On Chrome when you Left Click your mouse the file will down load and start to play in the browser window but if you Right Click on

that page you will be offered the option to Save As which will open a filing window so that you can save it where ever you like.

But if you know different ....

Please contact us and we will update this page.

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