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Antonin Dvorak MP3 Recordings of New World Instrumental Transcriptions

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Eigth Symphony Movements:   8-1 8-2 8-3 8-4 Ninth Symphony Movements:  9-1  9-2 (Largo) 9-3 9-4 Bagatelles Op 47 Quartet No 10 Op 51:   10-1 10-2 10-3 10-4 Quartet No 14 Op105 :  14-4 American Suite in A Major Schertzo Capriccioso  

Two Humoresques and a Slavonic Dance

Dvorak owes his international fame to Brahms who spotted his potential and recommended him to his Berlin publisher. He was an established orchestral player and composer in Prague working with people like Smetna. He is particularly remembered for his orchestral works including symphonies and the sublime cello concerto as well as his choral and operatic scores. The Dvorak MP3 recordings we have here include a couple of jaunty examples from the Humoresques contrasted with an emotional Slavonic dance which illustrates his commitment to the development of Czech national culture from its folklore roots. Steel drums, synthesizers and harps bring new and  exotic sparkling effects to these musical gems.
Humoreque Opus 101 No 1          No 7 Slavonic Dance  No 10 Opus 72
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New Dvorak Arrangements

The new recordings which we are publishing range from Bagatelles through Quartets to all four mouvements of Dvorak’s Eigth and Ninth Symphonies.  The MIDI files on which the recording of the 9th Symphony which includes the famous Largo in the second movement have been used by kind permission of Reinhold Behringer Professor of Creative Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University as I was not able to contact his colleague Jack Gilbert.  We have also recorded the Schertzo Capriccioso which is another absolute gem. In the orchestral peices we have used our full new world instrumental palette whereas for the piano pieces such as the Bagatelles and the American Suite we rely on the Steel Drums, Marimba and Gamelan as we do in the Quartets.


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