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Antonio Vivaldi

The Red Priest of Venice

Vivaldi was known as the red priest in Venice  where he was employed as the chaplin of a  convent which had a number of talented  musicians for whom he composed a variety of  sacred and secular musical pieces. In this  selection we have concentrated on the secular  which were largely instrumental and where the  clean, vigorous style lends it self to a percussive  treatment. In pride of place is the Four Seasons which  contains many of the elements of a symphony  before that form had been fully developed.  Here is it rendered on our established  combination of steel drums and marimba for  the strings with Ocarina and Pan Flute in the  wood wind section and Harps in place of the  harpsichord: Winter Spring Summer Autumn  The balance of the selection is made up of  Concertos which was a form which had been  developing in Italy and which Vivaldi took to  new hights with barely restrained emotion  showing through the elegant structure.  Violin Concerto in A minor (Allegretto movement)  transcribed on to a marimba for the violin solo and a steel drum ensemble for the orchestra.

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Double Trumpet Concerto  Here the Vibraphone  stands in for the trumpets while steel drums,  ocarina and marimba carry the rest of the  orchestra. Mandolin Concerto in C Major (First movement -  Allegro Moderato) where the Mandolin part is  taken by the Harps and stands out against the  Steel Drum and Marimba orchestra. Piccolo Concerto All three movements where the  Piccolo part is taken by the Pan Flute  accompanied by Harps in place of a Harpsichord  with Steel Drums and Marimba taking the other  stringed instrument parts.  Recorder Concerto No 4 In A Minor  All