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Claude Debussy MP3 Recordings of New World Instrumental Transcriptions

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Golliwog's Cakewalk  Jumbo's Lullaby  Serenade for a Doll  The Snow is Dancing The Little Sheppard  Dr Gradus at Parnassus

Orchestral works:

These two impressionistic orchestral pieces Isle of Joy and Garden in the rain, paint magical pictures in sound that is enhanced in these renditions by the sensitive use of electronic instruments: L' isle Joyeuse    Jardin sous le Pluie

Children's Corner – Debussy's Piano Suite for Children

This work is a wonder example of impressionism in musical form. Debussy acknowledged his debt to Chopin in his works for the piano but he also drew on a wide range of sources including the early ragtime songs that were emerging in America. For example the famous Golliwog's Cakewalk shows clear evidence of that influence. The music has been arranged on New World instruments including steel drums and synthesizers to suit the demands of individual pieces. In common with much of Debussy's instrumental music, the selected pieces have a naturalistic programme which is approached in an impressionistic and playful manner and we have tired to reflect and amplify this in these arrangements.
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19 New Arrangements of Debussy Pieces

These new recordings include more piano pieces many of which include the Gamelan beside the Steel Drums and Marimba which are the mainstays of our instrumental patlette these days. But in the Piano Trios and the String Quartet the ocarina is included and for the full orchestral La Mer they are augmented by a harp, vibe bells, vibraphone, percussion and timpani.  While the Girl with Flaxen Hair relies on Pan Flutes.

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La Mer Images Mouvement Piano Trios     No 2 No 3 No 4


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