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Original arrangements of Ragtime music on percussion instruments.
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  Ragtime appeared in sheet music in the 1890’s. It originated from African American music including dances like the Cakewalk. Over the next twenty years it evolves and developed into Rags, dances, marches, novelties and even intermezzos.  

Tunes Include the Keystone Cops Music 

The selection of famous rags on this page were all published as sheet music in the early part of the twentieth century . For example Alexander's Ragtime Band was Irving Berlin's first hit in 1911 - it has few of the features found in most rags but enjoys some mild syncopation and has become an anthem of that era. By contrast A Bag of Rags was supposedly the unofficial theme tune for the Keystone Cops. Also included are three of Rudy Wiedoeft's saxophone novelties and Odeon which is actually a contemporaneous Brazilian tango.
Billikin Rag EJ Stark 1913   Buck Due Rag-  Anon (Piano-Roll) 12th Street Rag - Euday Bowman 1914 Canadian Capers - Cohen et al 1915 Carbarlick Acid Rag Clarence Wiley 1901 Carolina Shout James P Johnson 1921    Cataract Rag  Robert Hampton 1914  Crimson Rambler Rag Harry Tierney 1911 Dill Pickle Rag  Charles L Johnson 1910 Dogzigity Rag  Billie Taylor 1910 Odeon  Ernesto Nazareth 1910 Red Rose Rag   Percy Wenrich 1911  Rubenola Rudy Wiedoeft 1927 Sax-O-Phun Rudy Wiedoeft 1924   Sax-O-Trix Rudy Wiedoeft 1926 The Richmond Rag May Aufderheide ‘08 The Skeleton Rag Percy Wenrich 1911
A Bag of Rags - WR McKanlass 1913 Alexander's Ragtime Band  Irving Berlin 1911 Bees-Wax Rag - Harry Lincoln 1911  
There are Gamelan & Marimba Ragtime recordings on the Rags, Dances, Intermezzos, Marches and Novelties pages.
You’ll find Scott Joplin Rags Dances & Marches and Entertainments on these pages.
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