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Back to Life                  Jagtime Johnson's Ragtime March       Timbuctoo March  Battle in the Sky           Jolly Jingles                                      With Sword and Fire March    Creole Belles                Southern Smiles                                Yankee Bird March  Hannah's Promenade    The Great Divide March High Yellow Cakewalk   The Storm King March

Gamelan Ragtime Marches

Here we see a cakewalk appearing as a march and it was a small step away from some of the other  Ragtime dances to marches. There are some militaristic pieces here but there was clearly a demand for march music presumably for civic parades where a patriotic feel was required without the military dimension. Creole Belles just adds that New Orleans flavour without the echoes of a funeral procession.
Our arrangements are based on MIDI transcriptions of the original sheet music most of which was published ten years either side of 1900 in the USA. Many of the transcriptions in this selection were produced by John Cowell and have been put into the public domain without restrictions. We used a digital sample based version of the Indonesian Gamelan together with a selection of digital Marimbas. Through trial and error a consistent set up was developed and then adapted for each recording. We have sought to emphasise the contrast between the two voices of the piano music whilst emphasising the rhythmic content.   There are more Gamelan Ragtime tracks on the Rags, Dances, Intermezzos, and Novelties pages and you might also be interested to hear our selection of other march tunes.
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