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 MP3 Recordings of original march arrangements on New World Instruments

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New Percussion Marching Arrangements

Our march MP3 recordings are drawn from a wide range of composers. They respond particularly well to a new world percussion treatment in our original arrangements. Classical marches have some similarity in their origins to classical dance music but this is usually restricted to rhythm and tempi.

Classical Marches - MP3 Recordings

These pieces have been remixed sympathetically on New World Percussion instruments accompanied by a range of harps and synthesizers:

Beethoven's Military March   and    Turkish March 

Chopin’s Funeral March **

Eric Coates’ Oxford Street March **

Gounod’s Marionette Funeral March MP3

Liszt’s  Rakoczy March (Hungarian Rhapsody No 15)

Mendelssohn’s Wedding March **

Schubert March Militaire (Opus 51 No 1)

Strauss’s Radetski March 

Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite March

As with dance, march forms are sometimes incorporated in other pieces to convey a martial theme or underpin a martial phase of a drama. However as military bands developed marches were also subject of commissions.

Ragtime Marches

The Scott Joplin contribution that follow also illustrates the use of Marches as civic commemorations. March Majestic The Crush Collision March The Rosebud March Latterly we have added several more ragtime marches and they feature the Balinese Gamelan Orchestra Gongs, marimbas and drums and the full collection can be found at .
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** Denotes new recordings.


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